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It is tempting to get a reward for having fun in the evening and playing some exciting games, isn’t it? Well, honestly, who would resist it… Yes, casinos definitely know how to make themselves visible and attract new players. A sign-up or deposit bonus simply entices everyone. Not to mention free spins. But not always everything is easy to get. Each coin has two sides, and as you know nothing is completely free.

Conditions for obtaining bonuses

All casino’s requirements must be met to receive the bonuses that are offered. So make sure to choose your online casino based not only on the promised rewards, but also on the terms and conditions they have for receiving these bonuses. Read them carefully on the casino website. If you do not understand something, contact customer support, that’s why they are there.

Use real personal information. There is nothing worse than signing up as John Smith, winning some amazing rewards, but then casino is blaming you for providing fictitious information and hence not completing your identity verification within 30 days. Believe us, it’s not worth it.

Do not try to deceive the system. Only one bonus per person applies per account. If you try to register multiple times from a different IP address and different emails, the casino can block all gaming accounts. Worse, besides bonuses, you may lose your winnings and your deposits. It’s not worth the risk, is it?

Check supported countries and maximum withdrawal limit. Eligibility for the bonus may be limited to certain countries as well as to the withdrawal limit. We assume that you are not eager to win $ 100 and be able to withdraw only $ 50, with the rest of the money forfeited.

Watch the cycle conditions. To obtain a deposit bonus, you need to spin your money a few times in the slot. The spinning conditions determine how many times this bonus cash must be wagered. Until you do wager them, the money will remain in the player’s account and you cannot withdraw it.

Example: If you have a $5 bonus that needs to be wagered by × 25, you must bet € 100 in total on the slots to be eligible to withdraw the bonus.

Moreover, very often the bonus is limited by time. If you do not meet the conditions by then, it will sink into eternal void where no one can reach it anymore.

Different casinos, different bonuses, different conditions … We could list more of them here forever, which you wouldn’t really enjoy after a while. Therefore, carefully read the terms and conditions of casinos and their bonuses, so you do not unnecessarily get caught in a trap.


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