Scratch cards

Not long ago, scratchcards appeared in the family of gambling, betting and lotteries. Small cards coated with a thin layer, that encourage to be wiped out in an enthusiastic expectation of a quick win. You do not need to wait for any draws or unnecessary delays to find out whether you have won a nice amount, a regular rent or even a jackpot. After the purchase, you will immediately see the result of the game. This makes scratch cards so popular and sought after.

History of scratch cards

The very first scratchcard was created in 1974 in the state of Massachusetts by a computer expert John Koza, who discovered an algorithm with a completely random chance of winning for every lottery ticket. With the improvement of the brilliant idea helped Daniel Bower, who as a marketing specialist, understood and guessed what people crave for – a quick win without  a long draw.

OčividněObviously they bet on a great card as their first “The Instant Game” ticket with a possible win of up to  $10,000 for just $1 was a huge success. Gradually others around the world began to imitate this principle and popularity has started to grow. In Europe, scratchcards are among the most popular lottery products.

Types of scratch cards

There is a huge amount of scratch cards of all possible types. However, they are mainly divided according to two basic criteria: classical scratchcards and online scratchcards. Yeah, you don’t really have to run to a newsstand, post office or a gas station every time…

Classic Scratch cards

There are still many fans of classic scratch cards that have undergone some modernization of design (aluminium foil or holographic paper with many layers) and appearance (different colours, shimmering, glittering and even fragrant), but still perfectly encouraging to be bought and wiped away immediately. Just buy a ticket, read the rules and look forward to winning.

Online Scratch cards

Online scratchcards are ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to run around like a headless chicken to get a classical ticket. All you have to do is find the appropriate online casino that offers this game variant, register or log in to your user account and choose the best ticket.

The offer is really wide with lots of interesting prizes. Although you will not enjoy wiping off the silver layer, the tingling sensation in your stomach from the expectation of winning will certainly not be missing. Simply hover above boxes on the computer or the mobile screen and swipe it away.  Do you want it even simpler? Just click on the “scratch off” button and the system will do it for you. As a bonus, you will enjoy a variety of audio-visual effects and we believe even a wonderful feeling of winning.

Do you want to try online scratchcards? Just go to free games and get started for free. We wish you good luck! ?


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