Classic Slot Machines

Do you also love the feeling of tension when you pull the lever or press the button and the reels begin to spin? Slot machines have been taking care of the entertainment all over the world for many years. They have become a phenomenon that you could find not only in casinos and gaming clubs, but also in bars or restaurants. But in these days it is no longer the case…

In past If you wanted to pull the lever and get your win with the matching symbols on the reels, you had to go to specialized gambling rooms and casinos. But don’t panic – today you can enjoy slot machine games from home. Online casinos bring them to your living room or anywhere you are and have an Internet connection.

History of slot machines

It all started with poker…

At the very beginning the company Sittman and Pittz was inspired by the very popular and sought-after card game and in the 1981 invented the first poker machine. It had 5 reels and  instead of the classic symbols on each one there were 10 cards. But it was not a slot machine as we know today. There wasn’t a built-in prize system, so the bartender decided on the prize and its payment – mostly paid in kind (beer, cigarettes, etc.).

The first slot machine was an One-Armed Bandit

At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, German immigrant Charles Fey introduced his invention in California – a slot machine called Liberty Bell. It had 3 reels with 5 symbols (bell, diamond, horseshoe, spades and heart) and became the first slot machine in the world. All you had to do was to pull the lever and the rollers spun. Once there was a row of the same symbols after the spin had stopped, the player won and the slot machine immediately paid out the win. The more unique the symbols were, the higher the win.

Modernization of Slot Machines in the 1960s

It was at that time that slot machines have undergone significant changes. In the United States, the first electric-powered gaming boxes with light and sound effects appeared in 1964, which made them more attractive.

Another major change was the replacement of the lever for the button. As you can see, even though the gambling industry has not missed evolution and some development, the simple rules and principles of the game invented by Charles Fey has remained the same. 

Types of Online Slot Machines

Gambling is being increasingly sought after in the online world. Not only the online version saves valuable time for players, but also creates unforgettable comfort of being able to play from home or office. Just choose the appropriate online casino, your favorite type of slot machine and play.

3 Reel Online Slot Machines

Three reels promise simplicity, fun and a great gaming experience. They work just like classical mechanical machines. Spin the reels and symbols will appear when you randomly stop. Once you create a row of the same symbols, you win. But let’s face it, over time, everyone wants more…

5 Reel Online Slot Machines

That’s why there are five reels machines that will raise your gaming experience even higher. It offers a larger gaming area, more gaming options and graphics. Of course, as the number of symbols increases, the winning combinations increase as well. With most five reel online slot machines, you can enjoy more bonus games and other special bonuses.

Methods of paying out winnings on Online Slot Machines

In addition to the number of reels, slot machines differ according to the method of winnings payments:

Multiplier classical and most common type of machines. Each winning combination known as the pay line corresponds to a certain award.

Bonus Multiplierthe principle is the same as Multiplier, except that the maximum bets are multiplied, which of course is more advantageous for the player.

Multiple Paylinethe bet amount is reflected in the number of winning lines.

Buy a Pay a higher bet brings more possible winning combinations.

Progressive Slotsthese are slot machines that set a certain portion of the bet on a side on a special jackpot. It increases over time and it’s lucky winner enjoys a really big win.

Wanna dive into slot machines, pull the imaginary lever and defeat them? Who wouldn’t want to… Train the winning game in several games for free and get really sharp.


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